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"Amazing as usual! Lin is the body whisperer, senses what needs to be fixed and heals it"


Anonymous ClassPass Client

"Omg a healer!"


Anonymous ClassPass Client

"Amazing therapy. It's not really a massage, more like a healing session. Definitely recommend!"


Anonymous ClassPass Client

"I didn't even know I needed Lin but now I'm so grateful I found her! I had lower back pain I just couldn't get rid of, and after one session with Lin it was gone. Two months later it hasn't come back. She is so sweet and really listens to what you need and patiently answers any questions. Highly recommend!"


Anonymous ClassPass Client

"Linhua was amazing! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about healing. She clearly has a lot of expertise and experience."


Carla, Glendale, CA

"Lin is the absolute best when it comes to skills!!! I highly recommend her. My family has been coming to her for years."


Matt, Los Angeles, CA

"If I could give 100 stars I would but 5 will have to do. Linhua Wang-Kim is an incredible, highly skilled and deeply intuitive healer."


Celia, Los Angeles, CA

"Lin has amazing instincts and truly cares about her clients"


Eliot, Monrovia, CA

"The residential setting and in-home treatment room are disarming and inviting, encouraging a sense of comfort and absence of pretense. The treatment options are fully described and explained with no pressure as to a choice. The treatment, in my case, was comprehensive- stimulating, uplifting, and cleansing of pain, leaving me with the sense of a great burden having been lifted off- with a sense of renewal, both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend it without resevation."


Peter, Pasadena, CA

"Lin is an amazing therapist. I recommend her to everyone."


Gauri, Long Beach, CA

"Linhua is thoughtful, conscientious and caring. Very intuitive and sensitive to her clients needs. Truly a gift!"


Sara, Pasadena, CA

"Lin's intuitive knowledge combined with her skills in several modalities make her effective in healing my health challanges. I particularly resonate with her energy work and her efforts have made specific complaints disappear. Now I see her monthly as a preventative and as a gift to my body. Lin loves her work and it is passed on to her clients. Highly recommend."



"Lin is truly a gifted practioner and healer. I initially went to see her for a shoulder injury. After two sessions of myofacial release, I came away almost entirely pain free. I have been a sufferer of migraines for years. With a recent headache, she spent careful time with me until the pain released. Lin's appeal is that she is not simply interested in freeing the body from pain; she is interested in the whole person and his or her body, mind, and spirit. She is attentive, intuitive, caring, and takes her role extremely seriously. I am forever grateful that a friend referred her to me."


Jenny, Pasadena, CA

"Lin and I are an excellent team for my body and its well-being and evolvement.

She has the gift of vision to know the appropriate clearing for every single treatment.

Healing is like peeling an onion one layer at a time.  You cannot peel a layer that is covered up by the outside layer; it has to be in the right order from the outside in.  Lin knows the proper order when she tunes into your body.


She gives me messages that I am unable to receive myself in my limitedness, but I recognize on a deep level the validity of her words.  She amazes me with her gift to read me and her willingness to apply her very special technique for my benefit as well as explain all her findings to me as she sees them and feels them.  This is important and comforting to me in order to understand and validate my current experiences and inner workings.  I know the words in a deep knowing and she has the ability to put words to my knowing.  Her words ring true to me every time.


Lin drained my Lymph system and removed blockages in my circulatory system with the application of her special .....OILs.....which she intuitively chose for me to allow the energy to flow freely.  Immediately after this was done I felt the heaviness and the denseness of my body leave and I was indulged with the obvious increase in my vibration throughout my whole body and on all levels.


Lin, I consider you a gift from heaven.  I am so thankful for your ability, your willingness and your dedication to all you do for me and to increase my body's vibration and therefore give me a lighter body, good health and a great sense of well-being, with every visit.


And so I come to you with every visit with a quest to shed one more layer of denseness, whichever layer I am ready to let go of.  I know that you recognize my area of readiness and so does your selection of OILS to assist you with that process.




Sofia, San Diego, CA

"I enjoy energy work and recognize its role in my healing.  But becuase I'm receptive I'm wary of who works on me.  I like and trust Lin's energy and her intentions, and am grateful I have a chance to work with her."


Stephanie, Los Angeles, CA

"Lin is very intuitive, gentle, and kind.  In my sessions and afterwards, I have experienced profound shifts.  Life changing."


Lisa, Studio City, CA

"Lin is honest and supportive and is making my quality of life better with every session.  I trust her and I send my friends to see her."


Emma, Glendale, CA

"She works wonders"


Ray, Fullerton, CA

"I am an old trainer ....45 years in the exercise field...just came home from NY to b grandparents....and did too much biking..a pilates class....and bending over too much...ending up with a really bad sciatic situation with burning on my legs. Lin's work was truly the remarkable healing touch I needed. She knew exactly how to remove the lactic acid from the muscle fascia....clearing the way for fantastic of pain...and soo much light...have told all our new friends...her focus and light are remarkable!"


Pati, Woodland Hills, CA

"Lin has such a talent with body healing. She has the most amazing energy and can control it to use for her clients highest good. Time really flies when she works on me. When our sessions are over I feel like I'm on another planet in the best way possible. I would recommend Lin to anyone who is ready for some real healing."


Amanda, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Lin is amazing, her ability to focus on the areas that need attention and really help bring relief is unbeatable."


Casey, Los Angeles, CA

"Great session, took care of some long standing issues. Feeling good all over."

"Great session, better movement in any direction, and unlocking many blockages.

Very happy with the experience, and results."


Paul, Grenada Hills, CA

"In the 4 months of Lin working on my body I am experiencing lasting results.  I point this out  because  this has not been my experience in over 35 yrs of bodywork.   Yes in the past when leaving a healer’s office I would feel much better…but in a few days the symptoms would  slowly return so in 2 weeks I needed help again.  I thought this was the way it would always be.


Not so with Lin’s work.  A small example of her healing ability is that for several years I had one toe that seemed to always be jammed.  Past healers would dedicate 5-10  minutes each session to get this toe to relax…but in a weeks time it was jammed again.  Lin worked on this toe only once in my 1st session and it has not returned in 4 months.  This is the kind of effect Lin’s work has on my old pains ---they are not returning.


Lin is skilled in many modalities and she uses whatever your body needs to help correct itself.  I find that her energy work is extremely effective for me. The next day after an energy healing session with Lin I feel 10 years younger.  I stand straighter, walk lightly and feel energized and light hearted. It seems miraculous but my body feels as though a heavy, restricting presence has left me… like the first day of spring after winter.


Her energy work has the same effect in creating physical well being in me as you might equate with Swedish or Deep tissue work.  Do not think it is airy-fairy or that it will not have real or lasting effects.  For me I can say Lin’s energy work has had longer lasting effects than even Rolfing  (which I have done 3 times) .


I started out seeing Lin weekly at first,  then as things hurt  less we changd to bi-monthly and now I see her  once a month .  Her healing is really holding.


I recommend Lin  & I am thrilled to have a highly skilled healer that LOVES her job.  She is professional, caring and extremely talented.  She has a lovely office with free parking &  a great online scheduling program that is easy to make and change your appointments."


Gina, Arcadia, CA

"As the owner of a Ground Transportation company for almost 20 years, I spend the majority of my time operating vehicles as a chauffeur. Driving over 80,000 miles annually and constantly being in a seated position has led me in developing a Sciatic condition. When I first found Lin over 4 months ago, I was in constant pain and discomfort. Besides having an impact on my Quality of Life, the area of most concern was that the constant pain and discomfort was having an impact on my ability to get any quality rest.  I then located Lin's healing place under the category of "Myofascial Therapy" and I must tell you SHE REALLY KNOWS HER STUFF!!  I've received relief from my Sciatic pain without surgery or drugs.  Not only does Lin locate the area of my pain and render immediate treatment, Lin is very good in determining the surrounding areas that contribute to my discomfort. This information is used by Lin to develop a strategic plan for future sessions. Additionally, as a Value Added benefit, Lin educates me with stretching exercises that I do at home providing immediate pain relief between sessions.  I heartily recommend Lin's therapeutic sessions......"


Stan, Altadena, CA

Customer Service, , Wait Time, Quality, Environment


"Amazing! I feel like I've made more progress with Lin than with anyone at Cedars-Sinai or the so-called experts in pain relief.  THANK YOU!"


Bill, Pasadena, CA

"I have had a frozen shoulder since December of 2013 and have been attending many physical therapy sessions with minimal relief.  However, when I started going to therapy with Lin the last few months, I have noticed significant improvement with gaining flexibility back into my frozen shoulder.  I cannot say enough about the professionalism and expertise that Lin has and would recommend her whole heartedly. She is very intuitive about her approach and has an excellent understanding of the muscular system and how it is interwoven."


Heidi, Altadena, CA 

"I have used Lin’s session series for the past 2 months on a weekly basis for therapeutic help with chronic back pain related to a curvature of the spine. Lin worked with my issues in partnership with me and the results have been positive.  I am now able to go out for daily 2 miles walks without pain and have not had to take ANY pain medication for the past month; a former practice used to reduce inflammation on a regular basis, every 4-6 days.  Additionally, I no longer have to use heat on my low back to get moving in the mornings. I am very pleased with the results given the long standing nature of my disability and find Lin to be a talented practitioner who is passionate about helping people."


Louise, Pasadena, CA

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