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Lin's Therapeutic & Intuitive Healing Sessions: With individualized holistic approach, Lin's gifted healing sessions are to systematically address and release the holding patterns in the mind, body and spirit, utilizing various techniques from different modalities: with Myofascial Release to release chronic aches & pains, restore range of motion, correct structural imbalance caused by muscle tension, and restore homeostasis; with Polarity Therapy to open blocked chakras, balance the energy field, and to bring about life-changing transformations; with Lymphatic Therapy to drain swelling, remove toxin, assist recovery during and after chemo, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system; and with Essential Oil Therapy to penetrate the heart releasing trapped negative emotions & limiting thinking patterns, increasing spiritual awareness & connection so that clients can enjoy a grace-filled life. The 3-hour session is designed for people who need long sessions for a complete experience of true healing. 


Sessions        Pricing

1 hour                $120

75 minutes          $150

90 minutes          $175

2 hours               $250



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