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Myofascial Release: Pain is an emergent property of being human. Myofascial Release is THE modality to help you release chronic pain and restrictions, both physically and emotionally, caused by stress, sitting too long, lack of movements, repeated movements, injuries and surgeries.  This session is to restore range of motion and correct structural imbalance caused by muscle tension.  Session is usually done with client in workout clothes, no body lotion is applied.  $35/30m, $65/1h, $90/90m, $115/2h


Polarity Therapy: The human being is more than a physical body.  The human body is an energy system.  It also incorporates a "body" of life energy, a "body" of sensitivity and feelings, and a spiritual essence (Self).  Many illnesses affect these "bodies" before they get to the tissue of the physical body.  By balancing the energy flow and opening the blocked chakras, this session brings about deep relaxation for your physical body, which allows the body to begin to heal itself due to a decrease of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol and an increase of the efficiency of your energy field.  Most importantly it brings about a greater balance for the whole person - mind, body and spirit. $75/1h, $100/90m


Aromatherapy/Spiritual Aromatherapy: Essential oils are powerful healers, having many "anti" qualities, detoxifying and healing the physical body, creating a balanced body of health functions, providing energy and strength to penetrate the heart and releasing the trapped negative emotions as well as limiting beliefs, increasing spiritual awareness and connection and inspiring us to live a grace-filled life.  The spiritual work of essential oils is to help people on their journey so that they can get back to who they really are.  We are part of a masterpiece and are masterpieces.  $130/2h  


Pediatric Myofascial Release: Many "autistic" children just had sensory problems.  Fascial System is the first system developed in the fetus.  Inside the fascial shell, everything else develops.  By releasing the fascial restrictions in children, we can help children to develop good posture, clear mental blockages, open up appetites, overcome thinking problems/non responsiveness, and grow out of their "problems."  $25/30m


Lymphatic Therapy: Lymph carries wastes, excess water, pathogens, fat, protein and toxins from the cells of the body.  The Lymphatic System is the sewer system of the body.  By applying very light manual strokes or using Chinese Jade Rollers (the ancient cold stone technique), drain chronic swelling, remove toxic rashes, open sinus congestion, reduce inflammation, speed up healing from injury or surgery, and assist the immune system.  $95/1h, $150/90m


Lin's Intuitive Healing Session: With individualized wholistic healing approach, this session is to release tension and promote health functions in the mind, body and spirit, utilizing techniques from different modalities (Polarity Therapy, Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy/Spiritual Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Therapy, Reflexology) to systematically address and release the holding patterns in the mind, body and spirit to restore homeostasis. The 3-hour sesseion is designed for people who need or enjoy long sessions for a complete experience of true healing.  $150/90m, $200/2h, $300/3h

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We are part of a masterpiece

 and are masterpeices.


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